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  • The Entrance Transformation

    The Entrance Transformation

    From the day we walk through the now famous “Green” doors, our envision for this old lady has never faltered once, even during the strain, and setbacks that have endlessly occurred during the last three years of our insanely huge project. We have finally finished the Entrance, the vision we’ve only seen in our heads,…

  • Overview of this year at the Château. 

    Overview of this year at the Château. 

    Happy New Year, how the time seems to be speeding up, with no way of slowing it down, it doesn’t feel like we are at the end of the year, only half way through, work has been enormous, extensive and strenuous, but this year we’ve achieved a lot, we’ve had to over come a great…

  • Château Progress Report.

    Château Progress Report.

    We’ve been very busy since our last progress update, the holidays have only recently finished and all the big industries have only just reopened (they’ve been closed down throughout the school holiday break) so we’ve been playing catch up, double time and have been on a very tight schedule, so we are apologetic for the…

  • It’s Our Two Year Project Anniversary.

    It’s Our Two Year Project Anniversary.

    It’s surprising, how fast two years has come around, the Château and its surrounding grounds has changed significantly, over this tremendously short period of time. When we were handed the keys, on July 30th 2014, the place was a mess, considerably overgrown, it was left to slowly disappear and rot at first sight it reminded…

  • The Beginning of the Interior work!

    The Beginning of the Interior work!

    It is the things we “Work” hardest for that will reward us the most. We thought, everyone might like a behind the scenes, sneak peek, at all the boring stuff, we’ve been hard at work with, on the interior part of the Château. All the bedrooms with their en-suites (to start), a meeting room, two…

  • Spring Time

    Spring Time

    Spring at Château Le Mung   

  • Some of the Before and After Pictures.

    Some of the Before and After Pictures.

    We all love, before, after and progress pictures, we’ve been going through some old pictures and thought, we’d share them with you… This area is the parkland, this was full of bamboo, weeds and brambles, they lived everywhere and grew out of control, all the baby trees were moved and are thriving in their new homes……

  • Work at the Château update….

    Work at the Château update….

    We’ve been steaming ahead since the wedding, on both the inside and the outside of the Château. On the interior of the Château, we’ve been waiting for the next part of the approvals to come through, everything is approved in stages, every time we complete something, we must have someone come out for an inspection, and they make…

  • A Very Special Moment at The Wedding

    A Very Special Moment at The Wedding

      We wanted to share a very personal and special moment from the wedding, this is our 12 year old cousin Ella, surprising Naomi, Cameron and everyone during the speeches, with her stunningly talented voice, singing “A Thousand Years”, we hope you enjoy it as emotionally as we did. 

  • Once Upon An Enchanted Château!

    Once Upon An Enchanted Château!

    This old and enchanting Château had it’s first, real, fairytale wedding, with all our friends and family who travelled from far and wide to celebrate this Groom and Bride. It was a day full of Joy, Pride, Love and Excitement, as we had the pleasure to be the first, after all the renovation, to try…

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