A Very Special Moment at The Wedding


We wanted to share a very personal and special moment from the wedding, this is our 12 year old cousin Ella, surprising Naomi, Cameron and everyone during the speeches, with her stunningly talented voice, singing “A Thousand Years”, we hope you enjoy it as emotionally as we did. 

4 thoughts on “A Very Special Moment at The Wedding

  1. What an angelic girl and voice. Awesome! So glad you shared it. It’s really so special and beautiful. I was just able to see the beautiful bride and groom up close in this photo. What a handsome couple. She looks so much like her beautiful mother. They will no doubt give you beautiful grandchildren. Best wishes to all from DallasTX, USA.

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  2. I love this song, what a beautiful rendition and only 12 years old.
    From all the Facebook posts, photos and this song…it was truly a magical wedding.
    Thank you for sharing all your memories with all of us.

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