It’s Our Two Year Project Anniversary.

It’s surprising, how fast two years has come around, the Château and its surrounding grounds has changed significantly, over this tremendously short period of time.

When we were handed the keys, on July 30th 2014, the place was a mess, considerably overgrown, it was left to slowly disappear and rot at first sight it reminded us of a fairytale story, “where a prince needed to cut down the enormous amount of overgrowth just to save his princess” that’s how it felt when we were looking at the Château, we needed to cut down the weeds, brambles and dead trees, to save this old lady.

We never truly realized how much work this project was going to be until we started it.

Some people call us crazy and maybe we are slightly especially now looking back on all the work, the long days, the really long weeks and what’s sleep again?  The results so far are incredible and we wouldn’t change all the hardship for the world.

The community spirit, the friends we’ve made and the ongoing support we get from social media has been encouraging, inspiring, motivating and sometimes a little overwhelming.

We started this project as a family to start a legacy to show that hard work determination through all the odds, ability and willingness to learn and for us to experience a new lifestyle which is giving the children and future children, something to continue.

To us, that’s the most important part of this journey, it’s what keeps us going, the thing that pushes us to the limits, knowing this could be a legacy for many generations yet to come.

People say we are “Living a Dream” and in some ways we are, though not the way that everyone expects, however the dream to be able to share our talents and to share the dream we have for this place our vision for its future and the different ideas we have come up with for the Château.

We want people to see the beauty of the small village, the surrounding areas, the Château grounds and the Château herself.  We want people to fall madly in love, like us, and feel like they’ve gone back in time, with a few modern necessities.

We have never wanted this to be just a “Hotel” or just a “Destination Place”. We want it to be an experience where you can let your mind see the unfamiliar, soak in the remarkable views with the thought of what could have been, where brides can live their fairytale fantasy or any fantasy that they can imagine, somewhere you can sit and watch the world go by while reading a book and drinking some local wine.

We want to give you, the most romantic French experience possible, using all the local produce and small businesses to make it unique and something we ourselves would expect if we stayed here at the Château.

Slowly we are getting closer to our goals we will be opening the doors very soon, we are so excited and looking forward to being able to share our hard work, our dreams with everyone and see people enjoy their stay here at Château Le Mung.

Thank you for joining us, the project and experiencing the good and bad, so far.




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2 responses to “It’s Our Two Year Project Anniversary.”

  1. As a leader in my community (USA) and a mature woman, I just want to say I’ve been so impressed by the work ethic of those who have turned this great property into it’s new glory. I feel you are all a tremendous example of what tremendous things can be done when people are of one mind and are determined to see their dreams come true. What you have done speaks volumes about who you are. You are all very great in my eyes and I bow to you. Helen Davies/DallasTxUSA.

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