Winter is a Beautiful Season.

Waking Up To Glistening Frosty Morning At -2*

It’s cold but beautiful. We feel like no matter what the weather Château Le Mung always looks Beautiful.

Château in the Frost

8 responses to “Winter is a Beautiful Season.”

    • Thank You so much for your kind words.. We are so happy you enjoyed the program .. we tried to keep it as true as possible .. we wish you a happy 2018 too ..😊


  1. What an amazing achievement, you as a family are truly outstanding. I’ve just watch your project a Scottish channel 5 tv and hat off to you all, through the good and bad times! I look forward to more progress pictures and finally completion. One day I and my partner would love to visit!!


    • Thank You so much 😊
      And for your kind words and encouragement.. we are so happy you enjoyed watching the Program… we look forward to you both visiting when we are open .

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