Some of the Before and After Pictures.

We all love, before, after and progress pictures, we’ve been going through some old pictures and thought, we’d share them with you…

This area is the parkland, this was full of bamboo, weeds and brambles, they lived everywhere and grew out of control, all the baby trees were moved and are thriving in their new homes…

Water Tower & Pump House!

The side of the Chateau, looking from the field, that’s by the river.

Glass House/Summer House, this is going to be the pool area, the hole has already been digged out.

The driveway was a massive project in itself, the road needed to be straightened, widened, reshaped and hardened. 

We  also put in a 10 mm steel border to separate the grass and the chippings, up, down and around the driveway including the teardrop we laid 700 meters, then we completed the driveway down to the road with the remaining geotextile and 30 tonne of stones.

The Second Gate!

The roofs of the Outhouses.

Out of the window of barn to house conversion.

We hand chipping and sandblasting the last parts of the out buildings, and started repointing of the walls with lime mortar. 

This is the front of the Dove Cove/ Pigeonry. 

The back of the Dove Cove/Pigeonry, this had tree growing through it, we had to rebuild walls and roofs, this was hard but rewarding job, as you can see.

The back of the Chateau and down the side, this was massive clean up…

Wedding Reception room, this was a barn that had a massive makeover, this room still has some work that needs to be done to it, but the outcome of it so far is amazing..

The Arched Trees walk, we call it our secret garden, this was a challenging project, but a fun one, and it’s spectacular. And the second gate, looking from the Chateau down the driveway.    

A beautiful spare gate, that’s outside the reception room, this was cleaned up, and the wall was rebuilt.


The Greenhouse, this was hidden away, so good, that it took us good few days to find it, with all our manpower and JCB, to find it.

The Chateau and the grounds, before and after, yes! this has been a remarkable change, long hours, there has been blood, sweat and tears, up’s and down’s, but we’d do all over again, for the same results. 

So there we are, some of the changes that we have made so far, we really hope that it has made you go”wow” just a little bit, we are very proud of the achievements so far, and can’t wait to continue, to bring this romantic place back to life.

Keep posted, we will be back for another article soon


  1. Chateau Le Mung says:

    Thank you so very much..


  2. Amazing work and such an asset to the local community.Bravo!

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  3. Jan McGregor says:

    What an amazing transformation you are doing a great job it is great to see something being restore to it glory. I hope to come and stay one day

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  4. First Class effort, hope to check it out when we’re over there next year. We might call in for a cuppa !!

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  5. HJ Davies says:

    Wow! Wow! Wow! You are masters of creating. You deserved this chateau. Continued blessings and Happy Easter to everyone at Chateau Le Mung!

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