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  • Slow but steady

    Slow but steady

    Slow but steady.

  • Work in progress

    Work in progress

    We are so excited, on moving forward, digging out the Pool at the Château. We have a little more digging but it wouldn’t have been possible without the expertise of Pascal and Charly. It’s going to be a bit bigger than we first thought but the design is similar to our first thought and still…

  • What a Day!

    What a Day!

    What a Day; Thank You all for coming, to a outstanding event at the Château, massive thank you to Pascal  and the Car Association ‘Les Pistons en Fête’ for holding it here for the first time.  Even though it started off wet, it didn’t put a dampener on the day, everyone still made it , with…

  • Fun Family Day at Château Le Mung

    Fun Family Day at Château Le Mung

    We welcome you to an event that will be hosted at the Château Sunday the 11th of August – come and enjoy some outstanding food, the warmth of the sun, breathtaking classical cars and peek through the famous Green Doors to this renewed old lady. The grounds will be taken over by the most treasured…

  • The Past and The Present

    The Past and The Present

    The Beautiful Château then and now, a stunning transformation.

  • Fun Fact

    Fun Fact

    Just a Stone Throw away from the Château Le Mung, are these beautifully carved Stone structures they are in Port-d’Envaux, hidden on a back road, but when you pass them you can’t help but stop to take a better look. They are beautiful and made grime the stone that was harvested from Crazannes when the…

  • We Welcome You To Château Le Mung

    We Welcome You To Château Le Mung

    Three Generations… We are getting ready and set, to run this beautiful Château Le Mung Hotel and Wedding Venue. When we Open the doors and welcome the public in, to Stay and Enjoy this wonderful part of France . We Welcome You To Château Le Mung.

  • The Le Mung Walk

    The Le Mung Walk

    What a Great experience to have been part of the Community fun walk, 389 people which is great. We met so many wonderful people ( Our Neighbors ) and further afield. It was a great opportunity to share this beautiful Château with everyone and let everyone absorb the atmosphere and beauty, the quiet of the…

  • Winter Wonderland

    Winter Wonderland

    ‘Well, we were promised snow and it came, it covered the Château and grounds in just hours, transforming this already beautiful place into a magical winter wonderland.’  

  • Winter is a Beautiful Season.

    Winter is a Beautiful Season.

    Waking Up To Glistening Frosty Morning At -2* It’s cold but beautiful. We feel like no matter what the weather Château Le Mung always looks Beautiful.

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