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“ONCE upon a time, a brave prince on a hunting expedition stumbled across a spellbinding hidden castle that had been abandoned for decades.

Intrigued, the prince braved the thick forest of trees, brambles, stinging nettles and thorns to discover the sleeping beauty that lay within.

It’s a familiar fairytale — and an Australian family is living their own version of this story, having packed up their lives and moved to France to revive a rundown 14th-century chateau.”

James Law

“We’re really looking forward to the opening. The best thing will be seeing all our hard work appreciated and enjoyed by everyone,” said Sheryl”

Liz Day
Wales Online

“Initially, it was the complete opposite of what we were expecting. The outside is completely overgrown – you couldn’t see the outhouses and the summer house was also completely overgrown.”

Lillian Radulova
Dailymail Online

“That is until one day, a brave and bold family came along and fell in love with this fairy-tale castle and decided to risk everything to save it after seeing it on the internet whilst in Australia!”

Janine Marsh
The Good Life France 

This is Château le Mung in Poitou-Charentes. Neglected, abandoned and very unloved, it remained hidden in a park for decades. Only wild animals enjoyed the delights of this magnificent 800-year-old castle.”

The Pépites de France team.
The Gems of France

“They lived in Australia for the last decade but wanted to move back to Europe to run their own business.

The pair viewed Château Le Mung after seeing an advert online but admitted: “It wasn’t quite what we were expecting.”

Liz Day

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