The Entrance Transformation

From the day we walk through the now famous “Green” doors, our envision for this old lady has never faltered once, even during the strain, and set backs that have endlessly occurred during the last three years of our insanely huge project.

We have finally finished the Entrance, the vision we’ve only seen in our heads, has now started to come alight, for all to see – now when you walk in through the doors, the first thing you’ll see are the newly painted powder blue walls, with the Crème de la crème white frosting cornice, skirting and ornamental plasterwork, keeping it to an authentic look as close as we possibly can.



6 thoughts on “The Entrance Transformation

  1. Just saw the program with regard to your families journey. As an event planner in Australia I applaud you and your courage is extraordinary. The work done is beautiful and the sentiment behind the project is wonderful. I do hope it becomes a huge success for your family it would be well deserved.

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