The Beginning of the Interior work!

It is the things we “Work” hardest for that will reward us the most.

We thought, everyone might like a behind the scenes, sneak peek, at all the boring stuff, we’ve been hard at work with, on the interior part of the Château.

All the bedrooms with their en-suites (to start), a meeting room, two hallways and staircase, to you give an idea on the sizes of the rooms and en-suites, i’ve added the sizes, there are two suites at 50 m2 with 18 m2 bathrooms, and five bedrooms at 28 m2 with 8 m2 bathrooms.

It might not sound like much, but everything has been pulled back, to its bare stone shells, nothing was safe, everything needed to be redone and this time done right, for safety.

We have run around 21km, “yes” 21km of electric wires, we’ve run all fire alarm wires, all the lighting, all the hot and cold pipes, all the plumbing for toilets and heating, so that about 600meters, after fitting in Two new heating systems, we’ve sprayed all vermiculite to seal up all the gaps, for our fire rating.

All the boring jobs that no one, will see, when all the plaster boards, decorative cornice and panels are up and on the walls.

But still very necessary and important jobs, that has taking us forever to do. Now all we need, is for it all of it to be signed off, by the Authorities (Bureau of control) and then we can finally close up, those walls and ceilings, and start the fun part of the interior of the Château.

Finally …..!!  We have turned on the hot and cold water, to make sure there are no leaks before we close up those walls, otherwise we will have very big issues, and of course a waste of hard work, but so far, so good, we have our “fingers crossed” that we can start boarding those walls, next week.

We’ve add few pictures…

We will give you, a step, by step, progress shots as we go…..

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Keep posted, we will be back for another article soon! 

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