We welcome you to our family renovation

Our goal is to bring an old Château, now famously known as Château Le Mung, situated here in a small village in the southwest of France, back to her historical glory.

As a family, we have moved on at an incredible pace, slowing down was never an option. We have captured thousands of people’s imaginations, and they have also watched us face tough trials as we have progressed. Even though we started equipped to handle this falling-to-pieces beauty, it has still, to this day, become overwhelming at times, but our followers continue to grow.

But like every project, we have worked hard to retain all the original features, keeping the old and mystical look of this grand lady, While entwining all the modern and safety features, for this soon-to-be boutique hotel and wedding destination.

We are going to continue to elaborate on our progress, various technical aspects, and the challenges we face throughout the renovation – of which, there are many parts. 

So, be sure to keep posted by bookmarking us, or subscribe by adding your email down below, and enjoy watching this beautiful old property take shape and shine as it did many years ago, as we transform it.

Best regards,

The family team here at Château Le Mung.

Despite what many suspects, Château le Mung is indeed a private residence. For safety reasons, and because we are still in the middle of renovations, permission is required before entering the property.


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