Château Progress Report.

We’ve been very busy since our last progress update, the holidays have only recently finished and all the big industries have only just reopened (they’ve been closed down throughout the school holiday break) so we’ve been playing catch up, double time and have been on a very tight schedule, so we are apologetic for the […]

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Work at the Château update….

We’ve been steaming ahead since the wedding, on both the inside and the outside of the Château. On the interior of the Château, we’ve been waiting for the next part of the approvals to come through, everything is approved in stages, every time we complete something, we must have someone come out for an inspection, and they make […]

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Once Upon An Enchanted Château!

This old and enchanting Château had it’s first, real, fairytale wedding, with all our friends and family who travelled from far and wide to celebrate this Groom and Bride. It was a day full of Joy, Pride, Love and Excitement, as we had the pleasure to be the first, after all the renovation, to try […]

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