The Château has some new interior touches.

As we start Autumn, the Château has some new interior touches, although it may appear that we’ve been quiet, we’ve been busy planning the next steps and working on the updated video on the progress.

There is no doubt that the interior of this sleeping beauty is its most important feature. To bring out the romantic, regal, and brighter elements of the Château, we carefully selected the colours in every room.

With eggshell blue walls, a black glossy master staircase, ceiling rose, wide-cornice ceiling, and plenty of light, the entrance has the traditional French interior style.

The first bedroom on the first level is called the ‘Forest Green’ room, with its big windows overlooking the Charente river and arched tree line, wide corniced ceilings, lots of light, and a two-person clawfoot bath.

After choosing the flooring, it’s just a matter of choosing the wallpaper and adding the beautiful piece we have selected over the years to complete the room.

We have our ‘Château red’ room as our second bedroom. This room has a very royal feel to it and has a very open feel with big windows that lead to our private river, where you will see many animals, as well as a view of our ached tree line and Charente river. This room has only just begun painting, so look forward to seeing the finished product when it’s ready. This room would be a great place to enjoy a glass of wine while you relax and enjoy nature’s quiet, one of my personal favourites.

Bedroom three to bedroom fourteen, well we are keeping their colours top secret for now, because why not keep you guessing? But we’ll leave you with a little clue, King Louis XIV was known for his self-designated title of ‘The Sun King’.

We have another update coming soon, thank you from the family team here at Château Le Mung.

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