Slow but steady

This summertime has been a busy time of the year for our project, with challenging events, caused by nature from floods to high winds, to serval lockdown due to the virus.

With storms giving us a light show for the ages.

We took this time to start painting the rooms and bathrooms, with their first coats, we still need to cut in.

We also took this time to start putting together some beautiful pieces of furniture, some of which were gifted to the family for use, with so much history. We are so honoured to be able to keep them and have them here as part of this old lady future.

Clean up is our biggest priority right now with the pool moving toward autumn and the outside bar slowly coming together,

But throughout the season’s mother nature, has given us some stunning sights.

We are slow but steady, with seven years under our working belt, we are excited about what will happen next.

We will update you soon.

3 responses to “Slow but steady”

  1. Beautiful setting. I’ve been following you almost from the start. One day when lockdowns and border closures are no longer a thing I’d love to come back to France.

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