Fun Family Day at Château Le Mung

We welcome you to an event that will be hosted at the Château Sunday the 11th of August – come and enjoy some outstanding food, the warmth of the sun, breathtaking classical cars and peek through the famous Green Doors to this renewed old lady.

The grounds will be taken over by the most treasured beauties, and while your here take in the stunning nature of the grounds . 

We will be opening our gates at 10h30, parking will be located by the front of the Château, entry to enjoy grounds without food : 

3€ adult 

1.50 € child 

 Family 7€ 2 adults 2 children (under 12) 

For thoughts who would like to enjoy food on this day, you can register with the link below, so you don’t miss out on the treat they have planned.

From that point enjoy your first walk up the tree covered drive.

You can contact us through our email address; 

As our village is as small as blink of an eye, the turn off to the road is right next to the Mairie, with the brand new sign ‘Rue Du Château’ from their you will see us. 

We are excited to be sharing this memorable moment with everyone who joins us on the day. 

Les Pitons

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