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  • The Château has some new interior touches.

    The Château has some new interior touches.

    As we start Autumn, the Château has some new interior touches, although it may appear that we’ve been quiet, we’ve been busy planning the next steps and working on the updated video on the progress. There is no doubt that the interior of this sleeping beauty is its most important feature. To bring out the…

  • Watch the start of our story

    Watch the start of our story

    We have the beginning of the renovation story up on our Youtube page, with an updated video coming soon. Since the documentary, there have been many changes, and we can’t wait to show you the virtual tour, but first, you get to see some of the ups and downs. This video will show the old…

  • Fun Fact

    Fun Fact

    Just a Stone Throw away from the Château Le Mung, are these beautifully carved Stone structures they are in Port-d’Envaux, hidden on a back road, but when you pass them you can’t help but stop to take a better look. They are beautiful and made grime the stone that was harvested from Crazannes when the…

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