Happy New Year!

We are wishing everyone a very grand Happy New Year!

Happy 2016, how fast did that come along? This year is going to be a big year for us, the first wedding at the Château is in T-minus 20 days, we are on track and sleep is more of a suggestion than a necessity. Even though it is a family member’s wedding, that doesn’t mean we are going to be doing anything  halfway, it is a very special day for any bride and even more so when it’s a family owned venue, because we expect perfection from ourselves..

With Dress fittings and drylining rooms, there has been a great mixture of wedding and renovation duties happening at the moment, with all the extended family flooding over in the next 16 – 18 days, work has been intense, long and exhausting, and at the same time exhilarating with everyone doing his and her part.

Most of the extended family haven’t seen the Château, which is going to be wonderful seeing their reaction for the first time, “we hope they bring some work clothes, because we might need the extra hands”.


Work barely came to a halt during the festive season..

Christmas eve was spent laying down geotextile around the teardrop and raking out 30 tonne of finishing stones.

Christmas day was made productive by running errands among ourselves and spending delicious festive meals as a family and then the opening of our presents, a very quiet and a strangely warm day off.

Boxing day and the day after we completed the driveway down to the road with the remaining geotextile and 30 tonne of stones.

The walls in the public toilets and the electrics, and the plumbing will be happening next.


We’ve also started on the kitchen, we removed the 1950’s terracotta brick walls which were installed in front of the stone walls, we stripped the bottom half of lime plaster from the walls and re-rendered it.

Once dry, we tiled the walls with these stunning classic metro tiles, the kitchen is starting to come together slowly! 


The reception room, is definitely one of the important priority rooms at the moment, so we’ve been pushing the room forward, constructing steel frames and bulkheads for drylining.

Following this we have made a great leap, with most of it now sheeted with acoustic plasterboard.

The great big commercial doors and windows have been fitted and it is all looking marvelous.

The air conditioning and heating is now installed, ready for the cold frosty days this winter, the stone feature wall is finished giving the room a wonderful old time charm.

We’ve also been getting ready to insulate this room, the electrics for the lighting is done, and now there’s a lot of man hours, before the wedding.

This has been an unbelievable year, as a family we’ve accomplished so much.

We’ve had the honor of two more members joining our ever growing family, we’ve got to enjoy some happy, special and memorable moment over this year, and also got to share our ongoing challenges and hard work, that we have faced too.

This year has definitely topped off our last year, which makes it very exciting to be going into a new year, what is awaiting us, nobody knows, but the anticipation is exciting.

So Happy New Year Everyone.


Keep posted, we will be back for another article soon! 


2 responses to “Happy New Year!”

  1. gosh I Wish you’d made a television show about your progress – so we could follow on more closely. What an incredible experience for a family to work hard together to accomplish something so great – I bet there have been many lessons (and not just in renovation).

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