Weddings at Château Le Mung

Naomi & Cameron’s Wedding

This old and enchanting Château had its first, real, fairytale wedding, with all our friends and family who travelled from far and wide to celebrate this Groom and Bride.

It was a day full of Joy, Pride, Love and Excitement, as we had the pleasure to be the first, after all the renovation, to try out, and enjoy, the reception room and the kitchen.

The wedding was simple, and elegant, with a classic fairytale Inspiration.

We started the Celebration on the day before the wedding with a “Tea Party” and some fun games, who knew that toilet paper would be so much fun as we did a toilet paper wedding dress challenge, with the Bride’s team against the Bridesmaids, we had an absolute laugh.

The Wedding Day.

We had a day full of celebration, starting with breakfast, by an outstanding chef and his team while being serenaded by a cello and violinist, sitting high up above everyone on the balcony in the reception room, they not only had the best seat in the room but the best view too, they got to watch all the excitement flooding in.

The sun came out to shine after the cool air and morning fog lifted, the groom with his best man and some of the family did the slow and graceful walk down to the village Marie, followed by the bride, bridal party and the rest of the friends and family, for the most romantic walk she could do before the French/English ceremony performed by Mayor of Le Mung and translated by the best man, our very own Jacob… 

After the “I Do’ we all walked back to the Château for a light lunch, a tantalising mix of delicacies, and some fun-filled games of Badminton, Rugby and Boules, which got a little heated and exciting.

After all the fun, we got to sit down and relax, to a formal dinner, where the room had transformed itself into something we had not yet seen, a very warming and serene setting, complemented with forever roses sitting on a bed of glass pebbles to capture the moment, the colour changing spotlights setting the ambience.

We had heartwarming speeches, with our young cousin surprising everyone with her beautiful voice, we had tears, cheers and so much laughter.

The wedding cake was presented, it was a simple, yet elegant, naked cake, filled with cream and fresh berries, with the beautiful finishing touch of fresh roses for decor, the room filled with a big “cheers” to the Bride and Groom as their knife sank into it.

Then we got mesmerized as we “ooh and aah’s” watching the first dance as Husband and Wife, to a live band performing the song “Thinking Out Loud”, and then we all got to enjoy some dancing, while the newlyweds dance themselves into a Happily Ever After.

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