Edoux Lift from 1932

One person lift
Engine of the one person lift

We removed the old lift from 1932, this lift was just over 90 years old, and it has been stuck in between the second and third floor, for quite some time! 

It’s this grand lady’s little bit of fame since this lift was designed by the one and only “Edoux” who designed one of the first elevators for the Eiffel tower. 

In June 1889 Gustave Eiffel had an “Edoux” elevator put into service, a hydraulic machine that was the only one of its type in the world, with jacks 80 meters long. (It was dismounted in 1983) Between the second and third floors.


At the Château, we had a “Spooky” moment while removing it. However, it’s to be expected given her age.

After taking it down to the ground floor, there was no electricity, so the lift door opened and it made a big “Bing” noise, just like an old lift would. All you heard in the Château was hysterical laughter after the boys had a mild heart attack and jumped out of their skin, which is very contagious, as you know!

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