Welcome to the Blog

We welcome you to our blog, this blog is about our family renovation project, on a Château here in small village in southwest of France.

My name is Sarah-Jane, i’m the one behind most of the facebook posts, youtube videos, instagram and this blog,  i try to keep everyone up to date with our progress as much as i possibly can, in-between working and being a mother.

It has been close to three year, where my family and i, have had this project in the making so far, and oh! What a few years it has been! With many long and hard days, the progress is now definitely showing, which is fuel on the fire for us.

Here, we are able to elaborate on our progress, various technical aspects, and the challenges we face throughout the renovation – of which, there are many. Plus, we have a section where we share local attractions, places to see and hidden gems, plus any exciting news and events coming up.

So, be sure to keep posted by bookmarking us, or subscribe by adding your email down below, and enjoy watching this beautiful old property take shape and shine like it did many years ago, as we transform it into to a boutique hotel..

Best regards,

The team here at Château Le Mung