The Beginning of Autumn!

“As we look towards the Château gates we see, the lovely Autumn trees, in all their beauty!”

Autumn is one of our favorite seasons of the year, there is something simply wonderful about the clear crisp days of Autumn, leaves crunching under foot, the smell of fireplaces lighting up all around, all the signs that the morning frost is on its way…

It is also a very picturesque time of the year, with the leaves of the deciduous trees turning shades of red to yellow through orange to brown and littering the ground with colour, the deer busy grazing and frolicking in the meadows, squirrels busy collecting acorns frantically from tree to tree, the choir of the birds running their errands, everything around us preparing for the winter ahead in some way or another, and so are we…

Over the next three months, we have much to complete before the winter kicks in! We are always busy, but if we want to be open next year, we’ll have to push just that little bit harder..

We have the exciting swimming pool project – dig out a big hole in the ground and prepare the foundations, including the wiring for lighting and pipework for the pump and filtration system. Next is the big pour of concrete and then tiling the new surface. Followed by paving and landscaping of the surrounding area. This will be a very technical but satisfying project.

With new grass  growing around it!

“The view from the pool terrace!”


We have finished seeding the parkland with our local helping hand Bernard who been great help with the grass!

What a difference, this is just one side!

Another big project is the wedding reception/function barn to complete, with new doors and windows to be installed, floors to be laid and walls to be finished, a staircase to be fitted, and then we need to light up and warm up the big open space..

Not to mention, the completion of the outhouses, but at the moment we are hand chipping all of it back to the stone … so they are well on their way and we are trying to push them forward with any time we can spare..

But most importantly, is the Château itself!
After many months spent on the landscaping and out buildings, we have recommenced work on the interior of the Chateau. We have been busy running many new cables alongside electricians, making the place safe, functional and bringing it up to standards. We have built new walls, one to form a proper elevator shaft and one to form a new boiler room, replacing an old and cramped public toilet area, the boiler room will be the source for all water and ambient heating needs throughout the fifteen bedrooms and ensuite bathrooms in the Château. We have replaced two bathroom floors already, including new beams and floor panels. Next will be to run new plumbing and drainage throughout, then we can start sealing up the walls and ceilings, and begin re-decoration of the rooms, We have a roof to repair, wooden floors to fix and re-lay, many bathrooms to demolish and replace, hopefully without finding any more hidden and unwanted surprises.

These are just a few major and important tasks on our to-do list, if we listed everything we still need to do, we would be writing for a very, very, very long post…

Without letting that to-do list bewilder us, We just take each day as it comes and with the challenges each day brings, we tackle them head on until it’s time to pack up our tools and call it a day. Many hours each week are spent planning and ordering materials for future needs and upcoming projects, to assure we never come to a halt, there is ALWAYS and will always be something to do here at the Château.

Keep posted, we will be back for another article soon!

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  1. Wow, what a phenomenal project! My jaw was on the floor throughout this whole blog post. This is AMAZING!


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